About Laura


Born in Santa Monica as a 5th generation Californian, she’s spent most of her life living and working in the Deep South. She obtained a Social Science degree with honors in 2007 from the University of West Georgia. She’s a recurrent cancer survivor and endometriosis fighter. Laura is known for homeless, HIV and LGBTQ+ advocacy work in Atlanta. She’s won awards advocating for LGBT civil rights and people experiencing homelessness.

A film buff since childhood, she’s the great-granddaughter of 20th Century Fox Studios founder Darryl Zanuck, and granddaughter of film producer Richard Zanuck. Besides Hollywood, her other background is Ozark Hillbilly. Despite her contrasting origins, she grew up adopted as a humble and service focused creative from a working class background. She considers herself a reformed Gulf Coast Southerner.

She lives in New Orleans with her adopted dog, Axwell, an 11 year old Pomeranian who loves belly rubs and cheese.

Communications Work

I developed strong communication skills at a young age. Spending the first six years of my life in the foster care system and under the custody of U.S. states meant I had important interactions with a variety of adults that I did not know. My communication had to be clear and effective with case workers, legal representatives, police, nurses and doctors, child psychologists, and foster families. It is because my brain developed these skills at an early age that communication became a tool for survival, and a lifelong “natural” talent.

Although my communication skills were exceptional, being a child in the system allowed other development skills to lag, namely reading and writing. When I started elementary school in Chicago, I had come from the Missouri Ozarks, where I saw the detrimental outcomes of lacking a basic education. Learning to read and write, and do it well, became my first life goal.

Communication holds a deep, personal value in my life and my professional work. It’s more than a job to me, it is the heart of my passions.

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